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AiR Digital For the Ready-Mix Concrete and Cement Industry

AiR Digital is a boutique business-to-business technology firm that helps players in the concrete and cement industry to redesign, re-engineer and optimise their business ecosystems.

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The AiR Digital system is set to ‘tech-rupt’ the construction industry with a breakthrough platform that incorporates deep domain knowledge and the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data, to optimise entire operational supply chains.

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24/7 IT Support Services

  • Fully supported interface application
  • A dedicated team of IT specialists with strong domain knowledge and AI skillsets
  • Continuous upgrade of new features

What our clients say

“The platform has helped the company save 45 per cent in costs since the implementation of the first basic prototype in 2014.”

Ken Loh
Chief Operating Officer

Interested to know how AiR Digital can help you transition to AI optimisation?